Are you Looking to Find New Purpose as you Enter Your Third Act of Life??

Are you dissatisfied with your life, wondering what’s next and who you are?

Can you keep on growing or do you worry decline is inevitable?

Or perhaps you feel that our society does not offer a role for our ageing community?

Do you want to live fully until you die?

Often the ageing population is referred to as a problem but is there another vision of ageing where our longer living members can live a life of growth and contribution; I hold this vision and this is my passion.

If you are ready to reflect on your life, to open yourself up to examine your hopes and fears, to review your successes and disappointments, to experience regret and welcome forgiveness, I can help. I can assist you in uncovering your hidden passions.

Contact me, Gerry O’Sullivan, on 0412 392 420 to make an appointment or for a free 10 minute consultation.


Finding Purpose as You Age

WAY OF WISDOM is a journey of reflection, looking inwards to discover who we are, what we have to contribute and what we want to do? Along the way we let go of our disappointments and regrets, and rediscover our passions and values.

WAY OF WISDOM is available as one-on-one sessions. It is also available in group workshops where you will be able to call on the wisdom of others in the group and build community.